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Anesthesia Evacuation Active Gas Evacuation System (AES)

Allows for continuous flow of anesthetic gas without exposing researcher to escaped gases












  •  Powered unit for safe and effective removal of anesthetic waste gas

  • Can be mounted to anesthesia machine pole or used as a free standing unit

  • Inlet ports allow connect to an induction chamber or anesthesia machine

  • Safely and actively remove waste gas associated with everyday inhalation anesthesia.

Activated charcoal filter proven more effective that others on the market
Specifically designed to remove waste anesthesia gases such as ISOFLURANE, HALOTHANE, ENFLURANE, SEVOFLURANE, etc.
Average useful life of 20 hours or after 60 g Increase
Effective in any position or orientation
Replace after 60 g Increase
The canister is 28.5 cm high with a diameter of 5 cm . Weight of active component is 250 grams.



 This canister is the sensible answer for the removal of excess halogenated gases from the operating room environment. It can remove 50 grams of pure halogenated anesthetic gases. It is convenient to use and does not require a venting hood. Once used, the canister is then simply disposed of. A connector for tubing is sold separately, see below. The canister is 15.2 cm (6 in) high with a diameter of 8.3 cm (3-1/4 in). Weight of active component is 200 grams.

















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