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Animal Respirator



LED Display

Stroke Volume:1~300ml

Stroke Rate: 1~5 : Rate:1~200breaths/min

Power: AC110V/60Hz

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This quality-first line of animal respirators from Singa is in every detail superior to competitive instruments. Their unique design ensures accuracy, durability and quietness of operation unequalled by any other respirator. Respirators are available for mice, rats, cats, dogs and monkeys.

Digital Stroke Rate Display

The stroke rate is displayed on an LED readout. These ventilators are the most accurate and reliable available, due to feedback controlled motor speed.

Easily Adjustable Stroke Volume

The stroke volume is adjustable whether the respirator is on or off. For the most convenient and accurate stroke volume control available, the knob and scale remain stationary, even when the piston is in motion. Other advantages of this unique mechanism are the elimination of mechanical noise, reduced wear, and very low maintenance requirements. The valve mechanism on all of these respirators features nearly zero dead space and superb durability with no leakage. Expired air may be channeled for analysis when used with anesthetic gases.


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