Multi-Channel Tissue or Organ Baths

1.         Be able to measure Tension of four blood vessel circles simultaneously and improving the experimental efficiency.

2.         Stable fixed platform. The blood vessel circle is small and easily affected by outside    shake, . The whole system weight is about 25Kg guaranteeing the stability.

3.         Using whole stainless steel framework structure, beautiful and dignified.

4.        Variety of functions can finish not only Blood Vessel Circle experiments, but     also Heart Perfusion experiments supported by coiled pipe.

5.         The oxygen flow capacity of each perfusion trough can be regulated alone.

6.         The place of Tension Transducer can be regulated precisely through a one-dimensional regulator in the top of stand. Itís convenient to decide the forward load putting in the blood vessel circle.




Micro Tissue Holders


Force Transducer


Data Acquisition Systems