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Non-Invasive Blood Pressure System (NIBP)

        NIBP-06 Animal Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measuring System  is used for the observation of animal artery pressure in chronic experiments. Animals donít need anaesthetizing. There is no invasion and the use is convenient.
        NIBP-06 Animal Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measuring System on the basis of Eight-channel Data Acquisition & Analysis System can measure most six different animal pressures each time simultaneously. The system includes the following complete set of equipment: General Eight-channel Data Acquisition & Analysis System, Rat-tail Fixed Air Equipment, Constant Temperature Heating, Thermos Equipment and Pulse Recording Sensor etc. 


 1).The hardware uses independent system structure and USB2.0 Transmission method compatible with USB1.1 interface.
2).High performance and exchangeable Bioelectric Signal Collection and Amplifier with eight channels.
3).Using 16-bit A/D Switching Chip with the highest collection rate of 200KSPS.
4).Biologic Amplifier with low noise and high gain width range (2-20,000 times) is suitable for different biologic electric signals. The high gain of Biologic Electricity Amplifier, Coupling Method (AC/DC), Time Constant (high-pass filter) and High-frequency Filter (low-pass filter) are all controlled by programs.
5).There are fourteen gears of a filter: 10 KHz、5 KHz、2 KHz、1 KHz、500Hz、200Hz、100Hz、50Hz、20Hz、10Hz、5Hz、2Hz、1Hz、0.5Hz. 05Hz is unique for NIBP-06 system, which can easily observe extremely slowly changed Alternating Current Signal.