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Passive Avoidance Apparatus   

Step Down Passive Avoidance System For Mice  


Step Down Passive Avoidance System takes advantages of a mouse’s desire to step-down off of a small, elevated platform onto the floor of the testing apparatus. This involves an animal inhibiting its behaviour in order to avoid shock. Mice are shocked only after they step-down off a small, elevated platform during training. This normal tendency is reduced, measured by longer latency or refusal to step down. Latencies to step down are used to assess memory.

The SINGA Step Down Instrument SD-01 is designed for passive avoidance testing in mice. The test station can be configured with up to 6 channels for testing large groups of animals. Each channel starts and runs independently. The floor grid is delivered an electric shock while the animal steps down of a small, elevated platform. The highly sensitive photobeams allow ongoing monitoring of animal location that is reliable taking down the response latency.

  • Features & Benefits

Test up to 6 learning data simultaneously

? The system allows 6 channels operating simultaneously without needs of manual observation and counting. After parameters such as timing and shock intensity are set, the system automatically monitors animal location and latency to step down.

User-friendly Control & clear LED display

? The controls, parameter setting digital display and the latency time digital display are located on the front panel of the controller, for clear review.

Sensitive photobeam monitoring

? Photobeam sensors allow monitoring of small animal location that is reliable taking down the response latency. Latency to step down is recorded with one second resolution.

Built-in stimuli voltage for electric shock

? The controller is configured with digital setting of the shock intensity in three levels, 24V, 28V and 32V, to meet various research needs.

Automatic and manual timing setting

? The time setting is available in four internal countdown timers, 2, 5, 10 and 30 minutes. While counting down to zero, the test is automatically stopped. For a manual setting, the time is set to “0” it allows ongoing monitoring until operator stops manually.

Store up to 50 testing data & recall data anytime

? The system is reliable for taking down up to 50 learning data and recalling the latest 50 test data.

Optional Printer & Software

? The data stored in the internal memory, can be printed out in real time printer (optional) or routed to computer via the optional software.

Easy to use & clean

? The system is easy to use and the test station comes with a removable excretion box for easy to clea


Time accuracy

0.01 seconds



Stimuli voltage:

33V 36V 39V 3

Experiment time: min 4

Work tempurature:


Reletive humidity:

20~80% RH

Power :



50Hz ± 2Hz







MTBF ≥ 10000h