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Data Acquisition & Analysis System






1.    USB2.0 Full-speed Transmission method.

2.    Four recording channels, the Common-mode Rejection Ratio (CMMR) >100dB.

3.    Using 16-bit A/D switching chip. The highest collection rate of single-channel hardware is 300 KHz while the lowest collection rate is 0.01Hz.

4.    Low Noise: equivalent input noise voltage peak value<2.0μV.

5.    Width-input Dynamic Range: 1V20μV

6.    Eighth Power of Bezier Low-pass Filter: 1Hz30Hz

7.    Time Constant Domain: DC0.001s

8.    Stimulation Device is isolated with Photoelectricity. Stimulation wave can be edited by customs arbitrarily. There are two output methods, constant current and constant voltage. The range of Inner Stimulation Device is 100V30mA, pace: 5mV1μA, wave width: 2000ms, pace: 0.05ms

9.    Inner Private Hardware Full-lead Electrocardiograph Alternative Circuit. One channel can choose twelve channels of Full-lead Electrocardiograph freely.

10.  Monitor and Memory function

11.  Several devices can be cascaded to a 4-16 collection channels device.

12.  Previously arranging physiology, pharmacodynamics and pathology experimental projects with the number of at least fifty.

13.  Four-channel scan speed can be modified independently.

14.  The collection rate can be modified by requests anytime in the collection process.

15.  Customs can set 1-16 display channels in accordance with needs (channel 5-16 can be used to analysis)

16.  Real-time Help System on the context.

17.  Body Pulmonary Ventilation Analysis function launching experimental classes of the pulmonary function.

18.  3D Frequency Spectrum Analysis function launching research work of gastrointestinal potential.

19.  Including the following experimental data measurement functions: Blood Dynamics Experimental Parameter measurement, the measurement of Myocardium Cell Action Potential, the measurement of Cell Discharge number, PA2 calculation, LD50 calculation with Bliss method, T-test calculation etc.





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