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Hot Plate Analgesia

l          Direct connection to a computer via a serial port and WIN DAS software. 

l          The animal is dropped onto a hot surface as a foot pedal is pressed to start a clock.


l          The observer presses the foot pedal again when the animal makes a stereotyped paw lick response to the hot surface. This latency is strongly affected by analgesic drugs.

l          Temperature regulation and surface distribution is improved by a 4 mm thick copper plate.

l          Held at a setpoint between 30 and 60 to an accuracy of +/- 0.1 by multiple proportional feedback circuits that minimize overshoot.5.The animal is reaction time is recorded to 0.1 sec. 

l          Supplied with two chambers, for mice and rats.

l          The HPA01 comes with foot pedal, a restraining cylinder for rats and one for mice, a manual, and a power cord.

l          more safety because of it prefect protection of leakage of electricity

l          To adopt liquid crystal monitor that can appear many type of the experiment information at the same time.

l          To possess the function of computer communication.


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1.      Temperatuer analyzer ; accuracy of 0.1

2.      110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

3.      The realative humidity: <=85%

4.      Digital temperature sensor head : 3 piece

5.      The heater power : 400W


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