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Diagnostic & Research Instruments Co., Ltd. ( DRI ) is a trading company in Taiwan committed

 to providing goods and services in scientific and medical industries. We specialize in distributing

a wide range of medical and scientific instruments and equipment from United States, Europe, Japan,

and other developed countries.

DRI was estabished in 1993 with a vision of exploring and marketing high quality instruments.

This vision combined with our loyal customers has make DRI a leading-edge distributor in Taiwan market.

 By continually exploring new technologies, we stay at the forefront of the scientific and medical industries

in terms of responsiveness to evolving laboratory procedures.

Our customers mainly are from medical institutes, universities, colleges, and scientific research laboratory

of hospitals. DRI would like to thank you for your business and promise you a renovated commitment to better

quality and services.





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Diagnostic & Research Instruments Co., Ltd.

TEL: 886-3-3288-885 FAX: 886-3-3271-400 

E-mail:info@drinstrument.com   http://www.drinstrument.com

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