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動物立體定位儀 Animal Stereotaxic


This is a most high quality and economical stereotaxic instrument with advanced features that provides superior performance for researchers in need of a precise, versatile, reliable instrument for stereotaxic procedures with small animals.

The open frame design concept provides great access to the animal from all sides and is mounted directly to the base providing a more stable platform .Scales are also easily read with the open frame design.


With 80 mm of micrometer style control vertical,lateral and anterior-posterior movement on the manipulator,the accurate resolution of screw drive is 100um.Various Enhanced Micrometer Electrode Holders give control of the electrode to 10um accurate resolution .

With advanced slide design ,researcher can fliexbly and accurately position the electrodes,needles,cannulas and other devices for studying.

With advanced surface processing technique, Base and frame are easy to clean.

Various adaptors are available to use with rat,mouse, cat, guinea pig and small bird. We also welcome and supply custom design for stereotaxic accessories.

Drill and Syringe Pump can be mounted on the Stereotaxic directly .The operation of drill and infusion is becoming easy .


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