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The rodent surgery table is an attractive, durable table useful for surgery, perfusion, or autopsy on small animals. The top is 32 x 22 cm, and has slots to accommodate an assortment of accessories (included). The 1 cm thick styrene top is tough, non-heat absorbing, easily cleaned, and may be tilted in any direction. Base is metal with non-slip feet. Several accessories, all of stainless steel, may be used to secure the animal to the table, retract tissue, etc. These include: vertical rods that install in the table slots and support bossheads that hold a horizontal rod, clamps that grip the rods or the table edge and anchor a chain, and 15 cm lengths of chain with either alligator clips or 5 cm. lengths of wire on the end. The stainless steel wire may be bent to serve as retractors, leg clamps, incisor clamps, etc.

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