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Data acquisition system

XctionViewII Sampling rate 1000kHz

Microelectrode Amplifier



Running Wheel(Rodent Activity Wheel)

Treadmills for Rate and Mice

Behavioral Tracking System

Animal Video Behavior System

Tail Suspension  

Forced Swimming Test (FST)

Animal Activity Monitor

Shuttle Avoidance Instrument

Passive Avoidance Apparatus (Step Down Test Apparatus)

Automated quantitative analysis of gait in rats and mice

Analgesia Equipment


Air Compressor & Aspirator 

Hot Plate Analgesia Instrument

Plantar test

Tail Flick Apparatus

Plethysmometer (Paw Volume Meter)  

Power Meter - Incapacitance Tester

Paw Pressure Analgesia Instrument    

Grip Strength Meter

Stereotaxic equipment

Homeothermic Blankets for Rodents

Hot Glass Bead Dry Sterilizer

Surgery Table for Mice

Surgical Microscope

Magnetic Stand

Fiber Optical Illuminator

Examination Lamp

Animal Respirators Cat/Rabbit     

Small animal ventilators    


Syringe Pumps


Silent air compressors

Mini Air Compressor 

Mini-Vacuum Pump 

Laboratory Vacuum Pump  

AC/DC Aspirator



Gas Anesthesia Apparatus



Animal Gas Anesthesia Systems


 Anesthesia Evacuation Active Gas             Evacuation System (AES)



Animal Gas Anesthesia Mask

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure   


Multi-Channel Tissue or Organ Baths


Active Vibration Isolation Tables





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