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The MP-01 is a small and compact micromanipulator for manual manipulation in all three axes (x-, y-and z).

The scales at the slides allow readings of the course adjustment with an accuracy of 0.1mm.

The range of travel is 50 mm in the x-axis, 30 mm in the y-axis, and 30 mm in the z-axis. 



The MM 33

 Weighing just 550 grams and employing a slim space-saving design, this well-built micromanipulator outsells all others worldwide for electrode placement where magnification is in the range of 250x. Its design allows units to stand tightly grouped - since all control knobs project to the rear. And because control knobs are clustered within an 8 cm area in a single vertical plane, resolution is quick - the hand works blindly while the eye monitors the microscopic image. Vernier scales allow readings to 0.1 mm; x-axis fine control allows readings to 10 microns.

The instrument employs rack-and-pinion drive, V-shaped guideways, and cross roller bearings, so all movement is sure and repeatable, without drift, sideplay, backlash, or sticking. Contact parts are milled of hardened steel for high performance and long life.
Left- or right-handed versions of the M3301 are supplied with a standard 12 mm clamp. Standard accessories provided include one microelectrode holder and a securing bolt and wrench.


Travel Range

X-axis Fine

10 mm - 0.01 mm


37 mm - 0.1 mm


20 mm - 0.1 mm


25 mm - 0.1 mm